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             Recent studies and surveys have identified more than 700 reasons for which people learn a foreign language. Surprisingly enough, most students declared that the personal satisfaction and enjoyment they get from learning a language as was the main reason behind the whole learning endeavor. It is closely followed by increased employment opportunities, cultural understanding and appreciation. This in turn promotes better relations with others through the increased understanding of their values. Learning a second language is recognised as proof of willingness to accept and face challenges. Overall it creates an open-mindedness and desire to make friends.
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Whatever the reason, learning a language can always be a fun process and a source of great satisfaction due to its practicability that can be tried and tested on a daily basis in so many different circumstances.

Our specialty at remains tailor made courses for individual and small groups. Our clients value our expertise in developing curriculums appropriate for specific needs, e.g. legal, real estate, financial vocabulary, preparation for meetings, job interviews or for promotions. Our courses are also aimed at helping you to develop confidence and increase fluency for day to day real life situations.

Upon registration and prior to the course, you will be required to take a short test which will allow us to assess your language level, as well as to fill in a needs analysis so that we can develop the appropriate curriculum for you.

At we are committed to ensure a continuous evaluation of your progress and adapt the pace and materials accordingly. This is done to ensure you are always challenged and constantly learning. The teacher completes a monthly written evaluation of your strengths and areas for improvement. At the same time, you will be requested to evaluate your teacher’s teaching style, and specifically commitment, preparation and effectiveness to you, the student. This way we are able to keep open the communication between you and us, this way if any problems arise we are able to assist you immediately. offers the greatest flexibility of any language school in Luxembourg. You won’t pay for cancellations of courses (if notice is given with a minimum of 48 hours in advance.)

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