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The Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg is a country that is both multicultural and multilingual. On any day in Luxembourg you hear conversations in English, French, German and of course Luxembourgish. Located in the center of Western Europe the country is just two hours from Brussels and five from Amsterdam. Therefore, when life is intertwined with so many different languages you would expect to find world class institutions in communication and languages like Languages.lu

Languages.lu is a highly respected and specialised language school located in Luxembourg; It was established by Daniela Clara Moraru. Our school has been specifically designed to give comprehensive and constructive education for students of all ages and abilities

Whether you are studying a language to further your career, for entertainment or for further education, our dedicated team of teachers will be able to help you and will devise a plan to suit your needs. Languages.lu focuses specifically on the needs of our students. The organization strives to provide the best possible opportunities for its students.

At Languages.lu our adult courses are focused on providing individual tailor-made curricula, and the group courses take place in company only.

For children and teenagers, class sizes are limited , simply because smaller classes improves the teacher’s ability to focus on the needs of the students. Small class sizes also maximize interactions and ensures that the most opportunity possible is provided to the students. Classes are customised to fit the needs of the students and no two are ever the same.

Languages.lu is located at

6, rue Marguerite de Brabant

L-1254 Luxembourg

You can contact Languages.lu using the following methods:

Tél. +352 26 47 85 03 or +352 621 77 51 22



skype id: receptionlanguages

Or if you prefer, come into the school to discuss the opportunities available to you in more detail.