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translation-memory recognises the importance of detail and a company’s core values, which is why we carry out translations which are truly adapted to the local market and cultural needs. This is done in order to guarantee maximum impact on your global target audience.

         We work with translators who are not only specialists in their subject but also particularly skilled in language styles. They provide the fluency and dexterity relevant to the field for which you request your translation.
 works with a wide range of companies including corporate and local marketing enterprises , communication companies, advertising agencies, and financial institutions

         We realise that no two companies are the same and therefore we provide tailored and custom solutions to suit your requirements for professional translations projects, such as:

  • Marketing materials
  • Brochures
  • Research reports
  • Financial reports
  • Web sites
  • Corporate communications
  • Instruction manuals
  • Training materials (including multimedia, voiceovers, etc.)
  • Owners’ manuals
  • Parts catalogues and databases
  • Diagnostic materials and software
  • Marketing communications, etc….

         Contact Information

         To discuss your particular needs in more detail, please contact us on +352 26478503, +352 621 775122 or e-mail