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Learning Luxembourgish: Savio's way!

To mark our 15 successful years in business, we have chosen to organize 15 celebration events and to feature 15 clients who contribute to our company's success.

Discover our interview with Savio FERREIRA DE MELO, one of our clients based in Brazil, pictured below with his wife.

  1. Please introduce yourself.

My name is Savio Ferreira de Melo, I am 65, Brazilian and have lived here in Brazil my whole life. I have been married since 1982 and we have 2 sons and 1 daughter, and now one grandson. I live and work in the city of São Paulo.

I'm an engineer and have worked my entire life in this area, most of the time as an entrepreneur in a private engineering firm. Now I'm in a phasing out process, looking for less intensive professional activities and for more free time to travel and stay abroad.

I speak Portuguese (c2, native), English (c1/b2), French (b1), Spanish (b1) and now am learning Luxemburgish (a1).

Savio is learning Luxembourgish with the calendar 365 Days Luxembourgish

2. When did you start to learn Luxembourgish? What motivated you to do so? How do you find this experience?

I started studying Luxembourgish about six months ago. There is a considerable number of Brazilians (more than 2000) that are decedents from Luxembourg and this is the case of my wife and sons. In this context, we visited Luxembourg once a year, in the last years. I'm motivated to learn Luxembourgish to better understand the culture and eventually to acquire the nationality. Learning this different language became a very nice cultural experience in my free time.