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20th May 2017 – Jazz evening organized by Music & Tools and the language school with the extraordinary participation of Charli Green Quintet under the patronage of our founder, Daniela Clara Moraru at Sang & Klang Theatre (4, rue Vauban Luxembourg – Pfaffenthal).Charli Green-1Amazing Charli Green with 2 trumpets Concert Charli Green Quintet-7

Concert Charli Green Quintet-2 Concert Charli Green Quintet-10

 Concert Charli Green Quintet-17 Concert Charli Green Quintet-20

Concert Charli Green Quintet-13 Concert Charli Green Quintet-26

Concert Charli Green Quintet-27 Concert Charli Green Quintet-37

Concert Charli Green Quintet-28 Concert Charli Green Quintet-42


10th May 2017 – Conference in French to discover Luxembourgish expressions at the Romanian Embassy in Luxembourg

Decouverte des expressions luxembourgeoises_2 Decouverte expressions_Clara Moraru_6

Decouverte expressions_Clara Moraru_3 (2) Ressources pedagogiques Luxembourgeois-2

Decouverte expressions_Clara Moraru_14 Decouverte expressions_Clara Moraru_1-4

Decouverte expressions_Clara Moraru_1-2 Decouverte expressions_Clara Moraru_1-9

Decouverte expressions_Clara Moraru_1-6 Decouverte expressions_Clara Moraru_1-5

Decouverte expressions_Clara Moraru_21 Lilian Zamfiroiu_Clara Moraru_4

Lilian Zamfiroiu_Clara Moraru Decouverte des expressions luxembourgeoises_4

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