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We are proud to have coordinated our first Erasmus+ Project: small scale partnership in school education.


The project "Wellbeing at school"

(KA210-SCH-3F3437C0) aimed at addressing the digital transformation of schools through the development of digital capacity to integrate new technologies and innovative teaching methods which would improve wellbeing at school:

- support the sharing/transfer of best practices in teaching & school development, - promote the use of new technologies and innovative teaching methods,

- increase professional development of teachers & quality of teaching and learning, - increase wellbeing at school.

You can donwload below the

Guide of Best practices 

Wellbeing at School

Guide of Best practices_WELLSCHOOL_2022.jpg

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to the following e-mail address:



Wellbeing at school - small scale partnership in school education 

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Erasmus for Wellbeing_Daniela Clara Moraru_LU.jpg

A wonderful activity highly appreciated by pupils to express their creativity of joy of being a student of our College CNSH Tecuci!!!

Participants from 2 activity clubs, literature and painting, gathered together and conducted together the activity "I love my School" under the leadership of two teachers: Lăcrămioara Țupu and Monica Tîrziman.

Literary histories - literature club activities

Activities of the cooking club

Activities of the cooking club

Painting club

Theatre club

Activity title: Reactions and facial expressivity

Coordinating teachers: Monica Tirziman and Lacramioara Tupu


In our current communication, the facial factor surprises and communicates a wide range of emotions. Mimics, gestures and body postures express innner states, even if some of them cannot be verbalised. 


 In the pursuit of wellbeing in school

Watch this space!


2nd Newsletter - 23/05/2022

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