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Vous trouverez ci-dessous les projets coordonnés par Group Moraru sàrl /


The project took place between 01.03 - 31.12.2022 in partnership with Colegiul National Spiru Haret from Tecuci, Romania. It was aimed at addressing the digital transformation of schools through the development of digital capacity to integrate new technologies and innovative teaching methods which would improve wellbeing at school:


- support the sharing/transfer of best practices in teaching & school development,


- promote the use of new technologies and innovative teaching methods,


- increase professional development of teachers & quality of teaching and learning,

- increase wellbeing at school.


The project started on 01.01.2024 and will finish on 31.12.2026. It is conducted in partnership with ProgEU - Progress in the European Union and it is aimed at:

1. Strengthening the European identity and civic engagement of teachers and adults learners attending language and other soft skills training courses, through non-formal social & digital educational activities,

2. Increasing the level of digital skills in teaching and learning educational activities of our teachers and adults learners,

3. Increasing the ability to understand the complex work done by the EU institutions for its citizens through self reflection and social and digital educational activities among our teachers and adults learners 4. Including in the digital education of adult learners who are less inclined to use the new technologies by fear or lack of basic digital skills.

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