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We are proud to have coordinated our first Erasmus+ Project: small scale partnership in school education.


The project "Wellbeing at school"

(KA210-SCH-3F3437C0) aimed at addressing the digital transformation of schools through the development of digital capacity to integrate new technologies and innovative teaching methods which would improve wellbeing at school:

- support the sharing/transfer of best practices in teaching & school development, - promote the use of new technologies and innovative teaching methods,

- increase professional development of teachers & quality of teaching and learning, - increase wellbeing at school.

You can donwload below the

Guide of Best practices 

Wellbeing at School

Guide of Best practices_WELLSCHOOL_2022.jpg

Wellbeing at school - small scale partnership in school education 

Erasmus for Wellbeing_Daniela Clara Moraru_LU.jpg

A wonderful activity highly appreciated by pupils to express their creativity of joy of being a student of our College CNSH Tecuci!!!

Participants from 2 activity clubs, literature and painting, gathered together and conducted together the activity "I love my School" under the leadership of two teachers: Lăcrămioara Țupu and Monica Tîrziman.

Literary histories - literature club activities

Activities of the cooking club

Activities of the cooking club

Painting club

Theatre club

Activity title: Reactions and facial expressivity

Coordinating teachers: Monica Tirziman and Lacramioara Tupu


In our current communication, the facial factor surprises and communicates a wide range of emotions. Mimics, gestures and body postures express innner states, even if some of them cannot be verbalised. 

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