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Are you or your company striving to develop a better level of multilingual communication? In today’s fast pace business world communication is becoming increasingly valuable. The value of good language skills are highly recognized and prized in Europe and with global interactions becoming more and more common this will continue to increase in the future. Development of employee languages is an investment in the company because it will not only help internal but external communication with clients as well.

The simple solution is Our tailor-made language and cultural programs are available for all ranges of companies across Luxembourg. Our teachers can come to your premises and classes will be conducted in your offices. Courses can be custom designed and are available for teams or individuals. Whether it’s business English or social French, can tailor programs specifically to suit your operational and corporate needs at your place of work, thus helping improve the communication abilities of your employees.


Should you be interested in more details about the ways your company can take advantage of the co-financing programmes offered by the Luxembourg government for language training, please check here the web web site which provides all the necessary details for applying.

We are proud that our client come back! Click here to read some testimonials!


We offer the following courses:

Tailor made individual French courses - general language - all levels


Tailor made individual French courses - for specific objectives 

Tailor made group courses in companies 

Tailor made group courses for a family or a group of friends at your house or online

More details about our teaching methodology:
Our individual and corporate clients value our expertise in developing curriculums appropriate for specific needs, e.g. legal, real estate, financial vocabulary, preparation for meetings, job interviews or for promotions. Our courses are also aimed at helping you to develop confidence and increase fluency for day to day real life situations.

Upon registration and prior to the course, you will be required to take a short test which will allow us to assess your language level, as well as to fill in a needs analysis so that we can develop the appropriate curriculum for you.

At we are committed to ensure a continuous evaluation of your progress and adapt the pace and materials accordingly. This is done to ensure you are always challenged and constantly learning. The teacher completes a monthly written evaluation of your strengths and areas for improvement. At the same time, you will be requested to evaluate your teacher’s teaching style, and specifically commitment, preparation and effectiveness to you, the student. This way we are able to keep open the communication between you and us, this way if any problems arise we are able to assist you immediately. offers the greatest flexibility of any language school in Luxembourg.

N.B. Kindly note that we do not offer group courses in our school, only in-company and online. 

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