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At, the language programmes for kids were conceived for my nephew, Alex, who used to spend all summer holidays in Luxembourg with me. I really wanted Alex to improve his language skills by playing and having fun with other kids, because I was convinced that this would be a great strength for his future. Meanwhile it was a fantastic way for him to spend the school holidays, make new friends and have fun.

Today, Alex is more than 20 years old and sometimes still participates in the language programmes during the summer holidays… however, not as a student because he is perfectly fluent in English and French, but as a team leader in charge of supervising the children and assisting the teachers.

If you look at the main aims of our language programmes, you will notice that they haven’t changed much since they were built around Alex’s needs and expectations:

  • Learning and practicing a new language in a multilingual, multicultural and friendly environment

  • Enabling kids to build social relationships and make new friends from different countries and cultures

  • Discovering the practical side of the language in a context of genuine communication, without the pressure of school grades and helping kids to communicate better

  • Motivating kids, helping them gain self confidence and giving them support in the right scholastic direction.


If you are interested in investing in your children’s future by providing them with a total immersion experience in French, German or English, in Luxembourg is the perfect choice because

we take care of your children as if they were ours!


I look forward to personally welcoming you to our school!                                                                                                                                                                                              

Daniela Clara Moraru, 

Founder & Director

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