Pedagogical resources to teach yourself Luxembourgish : Languages

Pedagogical resources to teach yourself Luxembourgish

Learning Luxembourgish can be fun with the different resources created by our founder,

Daniela-Lacramioara (Clara) Moraru, based on her expertise as a linguist and her personal learning experience.

Pedagogical ressources to teach yourself Luxembourgish

Pedagogical ressources to teach yourself Luxembourgish

  1. Déi bescht Lëtzebuerger Spréch” – flash cards to learn the best Luxembourgish expressions / proverbs – 10 eur/unit

 Couverture Dei bescht Letz Sprech verso boitier

Déi bescht Lëtzebuerger Spréch - carte64 Déi bescht Lëtzebuerger Spréch - carte66

2. “365 days to learn Luxembourgish” / “365 jours pour apprendre le luxembourgeois” – non specific date desk top calendar – 18 eur/unit

This is an innovative learning tool: a desk calendar with 365 pages for you to turn one by one, at work or home, and learn step by step, a little bit every day. A great end of the year gift and a motivation to start learning Luxembourgish! The learning process can be started all year long, but also on the 1st of January (if this is one of your New Year’s resolutions). Explanations are provided in French and English, and audio files offer pronounciation support all year long. The 365 audio files can be obtained free of charge by sending us an e-mail to

“There are not a lot of fun learning tools out there. If I had had this when I started to learn Luxembourgish I think I would’ve learned much more quickly,” Ms Moraru said. The calendar is designed to start with basic Luxembourgish words and sentences, explained in French and English, which help the learner build knowledge with each page.

N.B. A presentation evening will take place on the 13th of June at Cercle Munster in Luxembourg – Grund. Click here for more details. 

365 days to learn Luxembourgish-PierreMatge

365 days to learn Luxembourgish

365 days to learn Luxembourgish

3. “Wie sinn ech? Who am I?” – game in Luxembourgish and English – 10 eur/unit

The audio files for each card are available free of charge here. Enjoy! 


Wie sinn ech-2 Card (1) Card (6)

4. “100 expressions you need to master in Luxembourgish” – flash cards in Luxembourgish, English, French, German and Romanian – 10 eur/unit

Luxembourgish Flash Cards-package 100 expressions in Luxembourgish-7

To order your copy/ copies or if you have any questions, please send us an e-mail to with your contact details and the items and number of copies you wish to order. For any other details, feel free to contact us by phone on 26 47 85 03 or 621 77 51 22.

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  1. Peter says:

    Can you tell me where I can buy a “365 days to learn Luxembourgish” desk top calendar please?
    I could not see any ordering directions on your website

    • noUsername says:

      i saw them at the airport Phil. don’t know why they aren’t answering you

    • Moraru Clara says:

      Dear Peter,
      I apologize for answering you a bit late. We were overwelmed by so many e-mail orders from Luxembourg and the US, hence we focused first on shipping the orders received already.
      Did you find the calendar in one of the shops mentioned above?
      If you wish to stop by our school, located in Merl, 6, rue Marguerite de Brabant, L-1254, I would be happy to offer you a little gift so you can forgive us for answering late. KInd regards, Clara Moraru.