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Celebrate Luxembourg's National Day Competition

Dear language enthusiasts and video creators,

As we celebrate Luxembourg's National Day and the 20th anniversary of, the first language school to offer Luxembourgish online courses, already in 2005, we are thrilled to announce an exciting online competition! We invite you to showcase your love for Luxembourg through short videos capturing the essence of this beautiful country.

Competition Details:

  • Create a short video (1-3 minutes) showcasing your favorite aspect of Luxembourg – whether it's the stunning landscapes, rich cultural heritage, delicious cuisine, or vibrant city life.

  • The video can be in any format – documentary-style, vlog, animation, or even a short film.

  • Be creative and innovative in your approach to capture the true spirit of Luxembourg.

  • All videos must be in either Luxembourgish, French, German or English.

  • Upload your video on social media platforms using the hashtags #LanguagesLu20Years and Erasmus Plus. Like & follow and tag us on your post (on Instagram: invite us as a collaborator).

20 Prizes comprising:

  • a feature on our website & social media channels,

  • an invitation to’s 20th anniversary party in September 2024,

  • Luxembourgish learning materials.

Judging Criteria:

  • Creativity and originality in showcasing Luxembourg.

  • Technical proficiency in video production.

  • Capturing the essence and beauty of Luxembourg.

  • Overall impact and entertainment value.

Deadline: The deadline for submitting your video entry is Luxembourg's National Day, 23rd June 2024 at 12 pm. Winners will be announced on Sunday, 30th June.

Join us in celebrating the beauty and diversity of Luxembourg through the lens of your creativity!

Good luck and happy filming!



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