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Luxembourgish courses to apply for the nationality

Luxembourgish courses to apply for the nationality

Do you happen to have acquaintances, neighbours, friends or relatives who decided to settle in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg some 20 years ago, maybe it was even your case?

Thanks to the law of March 2017, the procedure to acquire the Luxembourgish nationality has been simplified for those who have lived in Luxembourg for at least 20 years. Thus, in order to apply nowadays for the nationality, it is no longer requested to pass an exam but just to provide a certificate for having attended 24 hours of Luxembourgish courses.

The Luxembourgish language programs offered since 2004 by comply with the specific conditions required by this new law. Thus, our school is included on the list of the certified companies authorized by the Ministry of National Education to deliver this certificate.

Our specialty at remains tailor made courses for individuals who need flexible schedules and courses focused on their personal objectives. Since we focus on each individual who needs our assistance, our programs start all year long, at the schedule that responds the best to their request.

To make the learning funnier, we have developed learning materials such as flash cards, perpetual calendar, language games, mobile app, and we also organize free monthly evenings to practice Luxembourgish in a friendly and informal environment.

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