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Audio offered free of charge for the game "Who am I? Wie sinn ech?"

Flash cards Game Who am I? Wie sinn ech? in Luxembourgish

To keep you busy in a pleasant way, stimulate your brain and help you practice Luxembourgish, we offer you free of charge the audio of the game created by our director, Daniela Clara Moraru,

"Who am I? Wie sinn ech?" in Luxembourgish. (The flash cards are also in English).

The game includes 55 flash cards about different amazing women from Luxembourg and the world, such as Lea Linster, Aline Mayrisch, Nadia Comaneci, Lady Diana, Coco Chanel, Anise Koltz, Grand Duchess Charlotte, Simone Veil, Madonna, but also men, such as Jean-Claude Juncker, Andy Schleck, Pierre Werner, Joseph Bartel, Eugène Ionesco, Constantin Brancusi, James Bond, Freddy Mercury or Leonardo Da Vinci.

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the 55 flash cards of the game

"Who am I? Wie sinn ech?".


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