international conference

1st of June, 3-7.30 pm CET

Programme International Conference Wellbeing at school
Wellbeing at school_Alina  Hemmat-Boland
Wellbeing at school_Dumitru VOINEA
Wellbeing at school_Constantin ILAS
Wellbeing at school_Abdul WAFI
Wellbeing at school_Monica Tirziman
Wellbeing at school_Rania LAMPOU
Wellbeing at school_Ramona PETRICA
Wellbeing at school_Petre BICA
Wellbeing at school_Nada RATKOVIC
Wellbeing at school_Mihaela MARIN_2
Wellbeing at school_Luminita NICOLAU
Wellbeing at school_Liliana MAXIM
Wellbeing at school_Lacramioara TUPU
Wellbeing at school_Eugenia OLARIU
Wellbeing at school_Dr Mario C LUCERO
Wellbeing at school_Daniela Clara Moraru
Wellbeing at school_Atul PATIL
Conf 1 June_dr Muthmainnah

We're very excited about this upcoming conference on the topic of wellbeing in education! 


>>Should you be an educator, you are welcome to join the conference on Zoom to interact with the keynote speakers. To register, click on this link <<


After your registration, you will receive more details from the organization team.


Daniela Clara MORARU,

Languages.lu, Luxembourg