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Learning a language – unlike many other subjects our children study during the school years – can always be a fun process and a source of great satisfaction – for both juniors and parents – due to its practicability that can be tested in so many different circumstances.

At, the language programmes for kids were conceived for my nephew, Alex, who used to spend all summer holidays in Luxembourg with me. I absolutely wanted Alex to improve his language skills by playing and having fun with other kids, because I was convinced that this would be a great strength for his future. Meanwhile it was a fantastic way for him to spend the school holidays, make new friends and have fun…



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Recent studies and surveys have identified more than 700 reasons for which people learn a foreign language. Surprisingly enough, most students declared that the personal satisfaction and enjoyment they get from learning a language as was the main reason behind the whole learning endeavor. It is closely followed by increased employment opportunities, cultural understanding and appreciation. This in turn promotes better relations with others through the increased understanding of their values. Learning a second language is recognised as proof of willingness to accept and face challenges. Overall it creates an open-mindedness and desire to make friends.



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Is your company striving to develop a better level of multilingual communication? In today’s fast pace business world communication is becoming increasingly valuable. The value of good language skills are highly recognized and prized in Europe and with global interactions becoming more and more common this will continue to increase in the future. Development of employee languages is an investment in the company because it will not only help internal but external communication with clients as well.

The solution is Our custom designed language and cultural programs are available for all ranges of companies across Luxembourg. Our teachers can come to your premises and classes will be conducted in your offices.




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