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Presentation “365 days to learn Luxembourgish” @ Cercle Munster

If learning Luxembourgish is one of your objectives, then you may like a little help from a new calendar recently published by the language school Languages.lu. “365 days to learn Luxembourgish” is a non -date specific desk top calendar offering 365 brief lessons in Luxembourgish for beginners (level A1).

Created by Daniela Clara Moraru, an entrepreneur who came to Luxembourg from Romania in 1998 and now has Luxembourgish nationality, the calendar was inspired by her own learning experiences. “There are not a lot of fun learning tools out there. If I had had this when I started to learn Luxembourgish I think I would’ve learned much more quickly,” Ms Moraru said. The calendar is designed to start with basic Luxembourgish words and sentences, explained in French and English, which help the learner build knowledge with each page.” (JB – wort.lu)

Presentation evening 13th of June 2017 @ Cercle Munster (Luxembourg – Grund, www.munster.lu)

Cocktail at 6.30 PM Participation cocktail + conference 15 EUR Participation cocktail + conference + dinner 50 EUR

More details & registrations Cercle Munster reservation@munster.lu


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