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Practice languages & make new friends at our events!

365 Days to Learn Luxembourgish - a monthly event to practice Luxembourgish - check this event’s page

365 jours pour apprendre le luxembourgeois - un événement mensuel pour pratiquer le luxembourgeois

Practice Spanish

Friday, January 26 at 8.00 pm at Brasserie de l'Arret - Cubana Café (365, rte de Longwy, Luxembourg)

Cuban dinner from 8.00 pm followed by the concert of Choco y su Sexteto from 10.30 pm, one of the monthly concerts organized by Ahinama Luxembourg association. In order to avoid a long waiting time, we will decide upon a Cuban menu and order it to be prepared in advance by Claudio Mendez, the cook. Therefore, please only RSVP if you will attend, otherwise it’s confusing for the booking of the table. Entrance to the concert costs 10 eur/pers to be paid at the door to Ahinama asbl. Should you wish to join us, reserve your seat by sending an e-mail to our director, Daniela Clara Moraru at the following address

Discover the Romanian Blouse, called IA (conference + dinner)

Wednesday, March 14 at 7 pm - 10 pm at Cercle Munster (5-7, rue Munster L-2160 Luxembourg)

2nd conference =Under the patronage of the Romanian Embassy = The Romanian entrepreneur Daniela Clara Moraru cordially invites you to discover the authentic Romanian Blouse, a soon to be UNESCO world heritage, in a seminar conducted by the passionate Raluca Caranfil and Stefania Atanasiu. Did you know that : - The Romanian Blouse, a representative piece of the national costume, is made manually, from the fabric to the thread and embroidery? - The Romanian blouse is as old as the world itself? - On the pottery from the Cucuteni Culture (5200 to 3500 BC), there are depicted paterns which can be found on the Romanian Blouse. Also, the blouse is represented in Rome, Italy on Trajan’s Column, build by theRoman Emperor after he emerged victorious from the Dacian wars. The Dacians carved on the column are also wearing similar blouses. - Queen Mary of Romania, born into the British Royal Family as Princess Mary of Edinbourgh, the grand-daughter of Queen Victoria of England, was a huge fan of the one of the Romanian blouse? She started wearing it after her marriage with King Ferdinand of Romania. - The colours of the symbols embroidered on a Romanian Blouse reflect the differences in age, social status, and life events, but the structure of the Romanian blouses has remained unchanged over the centuries, preserving their originality? - The symbols embroidered on the sleeve of the blouse are the natural order of the world itself, with the sky, earth, rivers, and seas? Impressed already? Come to find out more! Cocktail: 7 pm, Conference: 7.30 pm, Dinner 8.30 pm Entrance fee: dinner and conference 50 eur/pers conference only: 15 eur/pers Details & registrations Cercle Munster 47 06 431, 621 133 139

Gala des Enfants Luxembourg - Children’s Gala Luxembourg

June 2, 2018 at 5.00 pm - 10.00 p.m.


Pour célébrer la Journée Internationale de l’Enfant, trois établissements renommés du Luxembourg:, Music & Tools et RocKids unissent leurs forces et compétences dans le domaine de l’enfance dans le cadre d’un événement où petits et grands peuvent célébrer et s’amuser ensemble. La salle sera partagée en deux de façon à ce que les parents pourront servir un dîner exquis avec de la musique live, pendant que les enfants seront pris en charge par des animateurs professionnels dans le Kids’ Paradise.

Programme de la soirée

17.00 Arrivée des familles

Kids’ Paradise

17.15 – 18.00 Pièce de théâtre pour enfants - Le Joueur de flûte de Hamelin (Frères Grimm)

18.00-19.00 - en parallèle 10 ateliers pour enfants, comme par exemple la découverte d’une vingtaine d’instruments musicaux, la découverte de la langue luxembourgeoise etc

19.00-19.45 dîner pour les enfants

19.45-22.00 animations, jeux et chansons en différentes langues, tout sera mis en œuvre pour que les enfants s’amusent et apprennent de nouvelles choses intéressantes.

Parents’ Area

18.00 – 19.00 Cocktail