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365 days Luxembourgish / 365 Deeg Lëtzebuergesch

/EN //LU

/EN invites you to a monthly evening to practice Luxembourgish in a mythical place in Luxembourg-city. The Luxembourgers are very welcome because without their participation and sense of sharing, this type of event wouldn't make any sense.

This is not a Luxembourgish course, but oral practice in an informal setup. (At least) Basic knowledge of Luxembourgish is a prerequisite. As a token of appreciation for their time and availability, kindly think about offering a drink to the Luxembourgers present at the event.

Give a 2nd life to your Luxembourgish books or learning materials, such as the “365 Days to learn Luxembourgish” calendar, the “Wie sinn ech?” game or a school book! Bring them all on the 24th of September and offer or sell them!

Let’s share our knowledge and our learning materials!

Next dates:

-Monday, 26th of November 2018, 7 pm at Updown, 28 montée du Grund, Luxembourg

Past events:

- Monday, 22nd of October 2018 at 7 pm

- Monday, 24th September 2018 at 7 pm @, 50 m from Merl park ( - Saturday, 21st of July, 6.00 pm on the terrace of Brasserie Wenzel in Grund - 20th of May 2018, 11.30 am in Parc of Merl (terrace of the restaurant) - 10th of April 2018, 7 pm at Come à la cave - 13th of March 2018, 7 pm at Café littéraire Le Bovary (1, rue de Laroche L-1918 Luxembourg) - 14th of February 2018, 7 pm at Scott's (we will celebrate St. Valentin together and revise the vocabulary related to love in Luxembourgish) - 16th of January 2018, 7 pm at Pacha (156 Avenue du Dix Septembre, 2550 Luxembourg-Merl) - 19th of December 2017, 7.00 pm at Konrad Café (level -1), - 8th of November 2017, 7 pm at Bouneweger Stuff...

//LU invitéiert Iech all Mount op een Owend fir Lëtzebuergesch ze praktizéieren, all Kéier op enger mythescher Plaz an der Stad. D‘Lëtzebuerger si ganz gäre wëllkomm, well ouni si kënne mir dës Soiréeën net organiséieren. Et ass kee Cours, mee mëndlech Praxis op eng informell Aart. Lëtzebuergesch Kenntnesser sinn néideg. Denkt vläicht drun, de Lëtzebuerger, déi matmaachen, e Patt z‘offréiere fir hinne Merci ze soen.

Nächst Datumen:

- 26. November, 19.00 @ Updown (28, montée du Grund, Luxembourg)

- 22. Oktober, 19.00

- 24. September, 19.00 @ (

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