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Learning Luxembourgish, a love story?

How often can someone speak Luxembourgish in Luxembourg?

Can someone live in this amazing country that I love without speaking the national language?

How to improve the learning process, especially when one doesn’t have much contact with native Luxembourgers?

How to improve the exposure to the language?

How to improve the acceptance that we -non native Luxembourgers speaking Luxembourgish- will make mistakes and we shouldn’t be criticized but rather encouraged to keep speaking & writing?

These and many other questions made me decide starting a column with the objectives of - on one hand: showing to native Luxembourgish the complexity of Luxembourgish learning, - on the other hand: showing to non Luxembourgers the satisfactions and benefits they might get from learning Luxembourgish.

Feel free to share your personal experience and recommendations. ***** I started my year (2018) studying Luxembourgish. I put improving my Luxembourgish as one of my top 3 priorities for this year. Therefore, my days usually include a few recurrent habits such as: - listening to RTL radio or watching a video on their TV Replay section, - posting a page from the “365 Days to learn Luxembourgish” calendar, - reading one or two articles on and, and - writing down vocabulary that I check on

A new word I learned: “eemoleg”, which means unique, extraordinary. You can use it with someone you really like: Du bass eemoleg!

What are your daily habits to learn Luxembourgish?

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