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Sticky notes to learn Luxembourgish



To mark its 15th anniversary, the language school has published a new learning material for Luxembourgish, “Sticky notes to learn Luxembourgish”. This is the 7th tool conceived so far by its founder, Daniela Clara Moraru, with the objective of helping people in the process of learning Luxembourgish. (

Stickers pour apprendre le luxembourgeois

The “Sticky notes to learn Luxembourgish” are small flashcards with vocabulary in Luxembourgish from your home and office. They are printed on Post-It notes, so you know you’re getting a good quality and long-lasting product. The sticky notes are broken up into two different packages. There are 50 unique words in each pack: in the 1st pack there are feminine and masculine nouns and in the 2nd pack there are neutral nouns and verbs with the conjugation at the present tense. The notes with nouns include images to help you understand the meaning of the words without using translation, the definite and indefinite article, and also the plural form.

Daniela Clara Moraru,’s founder, mentioned: “This is the easiest and more effective way of memorising vocabulary quickly and the basics of verb tenses because this technique allows the learners to use their visual memory and associate words to objects from one’s living and working space. We have used it for many years at with children, but it is equally successful for children as well as adults.”

Because learning the genders or words can be a real struggle for many learners, the sticky notes use different colors, e.i. blue for masculine nouns, pink for feminine nouns, green for neutral nouns and yellow for verbs. As far as the pronunciation is concerned, the purchase of the sticky notes gives you access to the mobile app “365 Days Luxembourgish”, which provides you with an entire learning method by native speakers.

For better efficiency, it is recommended to use 5-7 posts-it’s at a time. After a week (or depending on your progress), take back all the notes that you have stuck on objects the previous week. Place the ones you remember well on the inside of the door of your drawer, this will help you visualize your progress and keep up the motivation. Put back the words you are not mastering, yet, and add a few new ones on objects from home or the office.