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Tips to practice your oral comprehension & prepare for the Sproochtest - part 3

This article is for those of you who wish to practice your oral comprehension and who might be intensively preparing for the comprehension part of the Sproochtest. Therefore, today I would like to share with you one advice on how to practice and be more prepared for your oral comprehension test and also improve your Luxembourgish at the same time.

3. News in Luxembourgish

Watching or reading the news in Luxembourgish is an extremely efficient way to prepare for the oral comprehension part of the Sproochtest.

The daily news brought to you by (both radio and TV),, are very useful in practicing and helping you improve your oral comprehension on a regular basis.

The great thing about them is that most of the time you can read what you hear, which helps you understand more.

100,7 is the only site proposing the audio and the transcription in Luxembourgish simultaneously.’s TV News shows the translations as subtitle, which is not the best method to make progress but it’s great practice anyway if you try not to focus on the subtitles.


Can be used at work, at home or in your Luxembourgish course as an additional teaching support.

All learning materials come with audio files in Luxembourgish to help you improve your pronunciation. Innovative methods to learn and practice Luxembourgish.

The "365 Days Luxembourgish" mobile App is

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