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Tips to practice your oral comprehension & prepare for the Sproochtest - part 4

This article is for those of you who wish to practice your oral comprehension and who might be intensively preparing for the comprehension part of the Sproochtest. Therefore, today I would like to share with you one advice on how to practice and be more prepared for your oral comprehension test and also improve your Luxembourgish at the same time.

Luxembourgish nationality - Sproochtest

4. Podcasts in Luxembourgish

Recently one of my clients asked me for podcast recommendations so you will find below the only 3 sets that exist for the moment:

Easy Luxembourgish with Anne

This is the best, most structured and complete postcast series and in addition it’s free. There are two levels, level 1, with 40 lessons, and level 2, with 20 lessons.

Below you will find the link:

One minute Luxembourgish

These free podcasts follow a good concept: a short lesson of 1 minute. 10 podcasts were offered in 2008 but unfortunately nothing else after that. Below you will find the link:

Lux Lingo Podcast