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Practice languages whilst having fun and cooking - week #2

This week, for the cooking activity, the two children in the English intensive camp had an additional challenge: to manage their budget and buy the needed ingredients for their fruit salad.

They had to calculate and re-calculate many times, adapt the quantities of their chosen ingredients... they eventually managed to get everything they wanted/needed with an overdraft of 28 cents.

They are very motivated to do better this week for their weekly cooking activity; what do you think they will they decide to cook this time: hummus? avocado salad? gaspacho?

In addition to the pleasure of cooking together and of learning the value of money, the children revised vocabulary related to fruits and vegetables, to cooking, as well as giving/receiving orders (imperative tense).

They also learned that our health and moods depend greatly on what we eat.

Learning languages through cooking is a tradition that we’ll keep sharing at!

Register your children, nephews or nieces before we’re fully booked 👩‍🍳 👨‍🍳

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