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The best 5 unofficial testing tools to find out if you are ready for the Sproochtest

The Sproochtest is what we generally refer to as the oral comprehension and expression test needed to be passed at the Institut National des Langues in order to acquire the Luxembourgish nationality.

Those of you who are scheduled to take it on the 17th of January might know that there are a lot of preparation and unofficial (pre)testing methods available, some more efficient than the others.

I have passed this exam in 2015 and obtained the “holy Graal”. In addition, I regularly meet a lot of people who prepare for the test at This is why I would like to provide you with a list of the best 5 unofficial testing tools - but equally as useful as the official ones - that can be utilized to determine whether or not you are ready for the Sproochtest.

1. Tunnel of love

Despite its name in English, this beautiful love story written by Jackie Messerich is entirely in Luxembourgish. The great thing about it is that you could read it even if you are a beginner! However, to really appreciate it, you would need a minimum A2 level (what you need to have in order to pass the Sproochtest). Even if you would not understand everything, I recommend you try to read it by focusing on the general meaning and context, as well as on how the sentences are structured. If you get at least 75% of this book, I’d say that you are ready for the Sproochtest!

2,99 eur at Ernster and other book shops.

2. Déi bescht Lëtzebuerger Spréch

Since speaking a language goes hand in hand with learning a little bit of its culture, this set of 55 flash cards brings you 55 idioms in Luxembourgish. You can use it to prepare for the second part of the oral expression exam when you are asked to look at a picture and describe what you’re seeing. In order to understand most of these idioms, you would ideally have a minimum A2 level in Luxembourgish. 

How to use the cards? You can start by describing the image you see on each card, imagine the story around the image and continue by guessing the meaning of each idiom. If unsuccessful, you can turn the card and the idiom is explained with more simple words, however, still in Luxembourgish.

Try to talk about each card for a minimum of 3 minutes. If you manage without anyone helping you with additional questions, then you are certainly ready for the Sproochtest!

9,99 eur at Ernster, Auchan, House of Luxembourg.