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Discover the Romanian blouse is proud to support the amazing exhibition of Romanian blouses “IA - Aidoma”, hosted by the European Court of Justice until April 16.

"IA - Aidoma" presents the history, craft and heritage of the Romanian traditional blouse, a symbol of the Romanian culture, through over 40 look-alike replicas of ancient traditional blouses found in collections in famous museums around the world.

The exhibition is organized by the "Semne Cusute" association with the support of the Embassy of Romania in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

The "Semne Cusute" (Sewn Signs) association is a community of women aiming to promote local values and educate people interested in the heritage of traditional textiles.

Stefania Atanasiu and Raluca Caranfil will share their passion in a seminar organized on March 14, 7pm at Cercle Munster.

Several guided tours are also organized by the ladies from the “Semne Cusute” association and also by on March 26 and April 16 at 6pm. Let us know if you want to join for free by sending us an email at

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