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Tips to practice your oral comprehension & prepare for the Sproochtest - part 5

This article is for those of you who wish to practice your oral comprehension and who might be intensively preparing for the comprehension part of the Sproochtest. Therefore, today I would like to share with you one advice on how to practice and be more prepared for your oral comprehension test and also improve your Luxembourgish at the same time.

365 Days Luxembourgish at Liquid - Jan 18

5. Practice evenings in different cafés

Participate in the practice events organized by different communes and organizations. For example, organizes free monthly practice events called “365 Days Luxembourgish”, the same name as the free mobile app to learn Luxembourgish every day. In recent years, the concept of social gatherings for practicing Luxembourgish (and other languages) has become very fashionable. A lot of communes including Walferdange, Hesperange, Differdange offer this kind of events, some even offer cookies and refreshments. To find if, when and where such a practice event is offered in your local commune, check the web site of your commune or stop by and ask on your way to work. In addition, you will find a non-exhaustive list of the Sproochcafés offered in different cities in the country in the article below:

365 days Luxembourgish at Scott's Pub - Febr 18