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Luxembourgish for the nationality

Luxembourgish for the nationality

Starting date: Saturday, 9th January 2021

Schedule: 2.30 - 4.30 pm

Duration: 30 hours

(you need to be present minimum 24 / 30 hours)

Objective of the course: get familiar with the basics of the Luxembourgish language for people who have been living for minimum 20 years in Luxembourg who wish to acquire the nationality

Teacher: Massimo Sartini

Type of course: online

Price: 1250 eur/person 

Luxembourgish for the Sproochentest

Tailormade service in a small group

Starting date: Saturday, 10th October 2020

Schedule: 3.00 - 5.00 pm

Duration: 20 hours

Luxembourgish preparation for Sproochentest

Number of participants: 6

Required level: minimum A2

Objective of the course: preparation for the 3 different parts of the Sproochentest, i.e. discussion about one different topic each course, description of one different image each course, work on improving the oral comprehension, homework, correction of individual homework

Teacher: Massimo Sartini

Type of course: by Viber

Price: 999 eur (N.B. 750 eur are reimbursed by the government if you pass the test and apply for the Luxembourgish nationality)

We guarantee the results.

To be accepted in this training, you need to present an A2 certificate or to pass an oral test by phone.

tel: 621775122

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