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What mobile apps could you use to learn Luxembourgish?

If learning Luxembourgish is one of your New Year's resolutions, you might wonder how to get beyond "Moien" quickly and efficiently and get ready for the "Sproochtest" which is needed to be passed in order to acquire the Luxembourgish nationality.

While we might all agree that repetition is essential to learning Luxembourgish, how can we ensure we practice the language on a daily basis? A mobile app might come in handy to help you study Luxembourgish as often as you wish, whenever and wherever you want. To get you started and help you save time, you'll find below the list of the mobile apps currently available for learning Luxembourgish.

1. 365 Days Luxembourgish

This free app provides you with a step-by-step learning method. There are 365 daily short and progressive lessons. The interactive exercises help you practice the content until you are able to pass the test of the day.

The content of each year of study is organized in 365 days and each day allows you to work on some vocabulary, grammar, oral and written comprehension and expression. With the free version you get access each day to new content planned for that day. However, if you wish to advance quicker, e.i. the content for several days at once, then you can get the Premium ve